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We are committed to protecting you privacy. The type of data we collect and for what purpose is detailed below.

Homeorep is a paid App downloadable on the App Store. As developer and owner of this App we do not collect any information about you through the downloading or running of the App.

The interface of Homeorep provides a link which gives you the means to contact us per email for any purpose related to the App, mainly for assistance when you encounter any issue when running it but also to send us any suggestion about its future development. When you send us an email, your email address and messages to us are stored securely for future personal contact with you. We do not create or make use of any mailing list.

Your data will not be transmitted to any third party. If you want your stored email address and messages to us to be deleted, just let us know by sending us an email. 

Homeorep is primarily intended for medical practitioners and students in homeopathy. It processes inherently medical data. It may also interest lay people trying to find a remedy for themselves or their family members notwithstanding that the use of our App cannot be an alternative for professional health care services provided by or under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Homeorep provides the users a patients file system where they can store private data about their patients, locally and securely on their device(s). These data may include: Title, Name, Gender, Birthdate, Civil status, Occupation, Phone, Email, Address and any other personal information given freely by the patients, which the practitioners will deem useful for the treatment of their patient. These data may also include personal and family medical history, clinical data, medical prescriptions, and any other information they will deem useful to treat their patients and keep a follow-up. All practitioner can store securely their patients’ details and consultations on their device(s) and are responsible for making use of the built-in security means provided by their own device(s) in order to deny access to other persons. The stored medical data of any single patient stand separately from the other patients’ medical data: Homeorep provides the users no means to gather collective medical information, e.g. for the purpose of statistics.

We have absolutely no access to these personal and medical data.

Developer and owner of the Homeorep App on Play Store:

Michel Ramillon

1 rue Chaptal

93800 Epinay sur Seine



Privacy Policy updated on may 22, 2023